Craft breweries across the globe come "All Together" in support of hospitality industry

Written by: Jake Clark
Published on: May 26th, 2020

This is a challenging and desperate time for breweries, restaurants, and bars. With tap rooms and dining rooms having been closed to the public for the past two months, many of these venues lost their primary source of revenue and their staff completely lost their incomes. The survival of these community gathering hubs, and the jobs that they provide and the families that those jobs support, is at risk.

In response to this crises, Other Half Brewing Co. (New York) launched a worldwide beer collaboration, created to raise support for the hospitality industry. They invited any brewer, from any corner of the planet, to take the same base beer recipe and put their own unique twist on it. The goal is to have that beer raise support for both the breweries and their communities in an effort to provide some relief to those who are struggling. To date, more than 800 breweries, from over 50 countries have jumped on board the project making it a global effort of immense proportion.

Rainhard Brewing's version of the "All Together" beer collaboration

“Raising awareness about the devastating losses in the hospitality industry is the core vision of this project,” says Matt Monahan, co-founder of Other Half. “We want to keep these losses at the forefront of conversations so that anyone who wants to help can learn what is happening and find a way to contribute to the recovery.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each beer of All Together beer will be donated by the producing brewery to associations and organizations in their own communities helping hospitality co-workers. Each brewery is donating to their own select local cause to keep the money in their own communities and help their friends and co-workers as best they are able to. A balance of the proceeds will remain in the breweries to help keep them alive since they have also lost a massive portion of their revenue with the closures of their tap rooms and the complete stop of all draught beer sales to restaurants and bars.

Counterpart Brewing's version of the "All Together" beer collaboration

It is often said, and for good reason, the best part about the beer industry is the community. It is driven by community-minded people who are exceptionally passionate, intelligent, thoughtful, resourceful and who really give a shit about their neighbours. They are suffering right now and are watching their friends and cohorts across hospitality suffer and yet still, they find ways to think of others and help and continue to invest in their home communities.

If you are looking for the best way to support your local breweries and keep them alive as important community hubs, we highly recommend purchasing beer directly from them. Direct purchasing helps keep more money in the breweries allowing them to continue to employ your friends and neighbours, to support local events, and to remain important gathering spots to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and come up with new ideas and plans for the post-COVID-19 future. After all, we’re all in this together.

Eastbound Brewing's version of the "All Together" beer collaboration

All Together in Ontario

The breweries below from across Ontario have released or plan to release their own version of All Together. Please support as many as you are able to!


Search All Together on Beer Finder to find options that are currently available for delivery in Ontario, or visit the brewery links directly below.

Note that some of the breweries may have sold out by the time of writing.

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